Making a payment

Basic usage

The amount that gets charged is in cents and must be a positive integer.

import YocoSDK

Advanced usage

This example shows you some of the extra functionality you can add to your use of the SDK by adding a PaymentParameters object to the charge function call.

import YocoSDK
let parameters = PaymentParameters(receiptDelegate: self,
userInfo: [
"user" : "info"
metaData: [
"meta" : "data"
staffMember: YocoStaff(staffNumber: "1234",
name: "Joe Bloggs"),
adaptiveTheme: true,
transactionCompleteNotifier: { paymentResult in
// Do something once the payment is complete
let transactionID = Yoco.charge(1000,
paymentType: .card,
currency: .zar,
askForTip: true,
parameters: parameters) { paymentResult in
// Do something once the Yoco SDK dismisses

Supported Payment Types

Here is a list of the currently supported payment methods:

Card (default)PaymentType.card

The cash payment type will just show the receipt screen and will not go through any payment process, it is up to you to handle the receipt.

Supported Currencies

Here is a list of the currently supported currencies:

South African Rand (default)SupportedCurrency.zar
Mauritian RupeeSupportedCurrency.mur