Release Notes

2.1.7 - 2019/02/25


  • Added support for portrait mode via setSupportedInterfaceOrientations

2.1.6 - 2018/12/18


  • Improved Cocoapods packaging and isolation of category classes


  • Bug fixes on reporting debug information when on 3G networks

2.1.0 - 2018/10/09

Please see Upgrading to 2.1.0


  • Support for offline payments (the ability to perform payments even if our banking partners are experiencing downtime)

  • XCode 10 and iOS 12 build compatibility

  • Switched to Zendesk for in-app support

  • Updated interface and design

  • Improved UX for pairing card readers from inside the Yoco SDK

  • Switched to Cocoapods for distribution


  • More graceful handling of a number of edge cases within payments

2.0.26 - 07 September 2018


  • Fixed a race condition that could cause the permissions dialog to not appear (usually on older devices).