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Live (payment-ui): This is purely for 3rd party app integrations which will include Staging and Live environments

You will need to add the remote repository (maven url) to your gradle dependencies in your build.gradle -> buildscript{}

allprojects {
repositories {
// Include the Payments UI SDK (related dependencies)
maven { url '' }
// Include the Ono SDK (related dependencies)
maven { url '' }

Add the dependency to a module that will be using the SDK:

Integrators (3rd Parties):

implementation 'com.yoco:payment-ui:<version>'

Additional Setup:

The PaymentsSDK uses the Data Binding Library and therefore requires any module using the library to enable data binding.

More info can be found here:

android {
// Using Gradle Version < 4.0.0
// dataBinding {
// enabled = true
// }
// Using Gradle Version > 4.0.0
buildFeatures {
dataBinding true

Sync the project, then if successful the dependency would have been downloaded and you should be ready to go!